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What differentiates our offices is that we are affordable professional lawyers. We always see situations through our client’s perspective, and from this point of view, we give the best professional advice, seeking the most practical solutions, while always bearing in mind our client’s best interest.

Schwalb’s dedication and professionalism attests to the sense of trust, mutual respect and special rapport we share with each of our clients. We always place special attention to every detail that is required on your case.

At Schwalb, client satisfaction is viewed as being the utmost of importance. We offer large legal firm professional services at more affordable rates, suited to each client, while always taking into account the particular circumstances, needs and requirements of each individual case.

Immigration Lawyer in Montreal

Immigration requires legal proceedings that can be complicated to handle all by yourself.  Schwalb Legal is here to assist you with your dream of immigrating to the great nation of Canada. You can find professional and experienced Canadian immigration lawyers from our legal firm who will help you and your family enter Canada legally and with less difficulty.
For over 20 years, Schwalb provides professional service and experience to immigrants around the world. Most of our clients, regardless of their country of origin, choose the Province of Quebec as their new home. It is a beautiful province with over 8.2 million residents and a very rich culture. The lawyers at Schwalb Legal can help you immigrate to any of the other provinces in Canada, if Quebec is not a good fit for your family. 

Canada Standard

Canada is a mosaic of cultures, religions, and races. The country believes that all people are equal and, as such, provides equal rights, without discrimination. Millions of people dream of moving to Canada with their family because of the country’s stability, democratic regulations, strong observance of peace and all the other possibilities the country has to offer. In fact, in a recent international survey of 450 cities around the word, three Canadian cities were ranked in the top twenty for quality of living. Some other advantages of immigrating to Canada include access to U.S. and Mexican markets, facilitated by NAFTA, and Europa facilitated by CETA, as well as comprehensive social services including free access to medical care and education. 
However, immigrating to Canada is not an easy feat. There are protocols to be followed, as Canada has numerous rules and regulations regarding who will be allowed to immigrate to Canada or to enter the territory temporarily. In addition, the policies, rules and procedures are constantly changing. While certain steps are rather easy to comprehend, the legal rules and regulations that govern the immigration process can be a lot more difficult for people with no experience. As such, hiring an immigration lawyer can be the right choice for you in order to insure that all the requirements are met, and that this is done within the legal guidelines. One mistake or shortcoming might render the process even longer, or result in a negative decision. 
Canadian Immigration offices around the world vary one from the other as to the speed of processing. Part of the services offered at Schwalb Legal includes ensuring that your application is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and maintaining direct and constant communication with both Canadian and Quebec Immigration authorities throughout the processing of your file. In addition to the interview with the Canadian immigration authorities, each member of your family will be required to undergo a medical examination. Once your family is granted Permanent Residence visas, you may proceed to Canada immediately or before the expiration of your visas. 

Immigration Lawyer in Canada

Immigration lawyers deal with a wide variety of matters, apart from permanent residency, such as sponsorship of immediate family members, student visas, employment authorizations, and refugee cases. As such, a lawyer can provide tips about citizenship interviews and what standard Canada observes in these matters. 
After a complete study and assessment of your case, a Quebec immigration lawyer at Schwalb Legal will determine the best strategy for success. Schwalb will prepare all application forms, and supporting documents and provide all legal representation to Canada and Quebec Immigration Authorities on your behalf. An important feature of the services offered at Schwalb Legal is how we prepare our clients for their interviews. Each client is individually prepared in person or by video conference with potential questions and answers on a case by case basis. 
An important point to remember is that at Schwalb Legal we are lawyers, and not simply consultants and are therefore governed by a professional code of ethics for attorneys-at-law which ensures the highest level of ethical standard.  
Our lawyers here at Schwalb Legal will assist you every step of the way, up until your visa has been issued by the Canadian authorities.

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David Schwalb
David Schwalb

Education Mr. David Schwalb has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Sciences, with Distinction (B.A), from Concordia University in Montreal, Law Degree from Laval University in Quebec City (LL.B); Laval University boasts among its graduates the former Prime Minister…

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Guy Benoit-Fournel

Articling for Me David Schwalb Education Guy Benoit-Fournel obtained a bachelor’s law degree (LL.B.) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 2012 before successfully completing the Quebec Bar examinations in 2015. Mr. Benoit-Fournel has acquired experience in the…

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Ms. Caroline Iliescu

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Michael Stante