Conflicts are inevitable in society especially in the business venue. If you find yourself in a situation where a creditor has taken action against you for a sum of money or you desire to claim against a debtor something that is owed to you? At Schwalb we adopt a philosophy and attempt to negotiate with the opposing party in a manner that is effective in order to avoid litigation and its cumbersome and complex procedural niceties.

With extensive experience in litigation, our team will fight rigorously to make sure your rights are well protected at each instance of the judiciary. Our lawyers appear as legal counsel at all court levels, whether it be the Court of Quebec, the Superior or the Federal Court of Canada. We also represent our clients in front of various Administrative tribunals such as the Régie du logement, and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

When possible our innovative and creative professionals will always attempt to settle a dispute. We often find solutions in order to reach a settlement, as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to avoid the costs and stress involved in litigation.