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If you are going through a divorce, wishing to claim
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The Canadian Federal and Provincial government are constituted mostly of
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Our team provides professional assistance and expert advice in the
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Conflicts are inevitable in society especially in the business venue.
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Research & Development

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Real Estate & Construction

Acquisition/sale of immovables When the time comes for you to
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Mr. David Schwalb has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Sciences, with Distinction (B.A), from Concordia University in Montreal, Law Degree from Laval University in Quebec City (LL.B); Laval University boasts among its graduates the former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Brian Mulroney, and the former Premiere of Quebec, Mr. Lucien Bouchard.

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Study in Canada

Who in their life has never wished to take on a challenge and accomplish something they thought was unachievable. Studying abroad is a dream for many people in search of ...
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The contract

Few people are aware, that every day, they contract with different people and businesses without even knowing. Every time we take the bus or buy a drink or chocolate bar ...
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A Divorce can often prove to be a difficult time to overcome. There are several options available when deciding to Divorce: joint request for divorce, divorce by agreement and divorce with ...
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