Few people are aware, that every day, they contract with different people and businesses without even knowing. Every time we take the bus or buy a drink or chocolate bar at the corner store, we interact contractually with another party that, in return for a payment, undertakes an obligation. Of course, these contracts happen casually and are not generally written down, involving few formalities. Occasionally, there are times in life when the drafting of a comprehensive contract with the signature of involved parties is absolutely necessary. Rental, business, sale, service, loan or even sureship are all examples of contracts where numerous monetary obligations for amounts of money could come into play. There are many different types of contracts, such as adhesion or mutual agreement, bilateral or unilateral, onerous or gratuitous title, commutative or aleatory and for immediate or successive execution. All of these legal concepts can result in a great deal of confusion. One should not hesitate to enlist the help of a lawyer in order to obtain explanations and counsel on the format of the contract that bests suits each situation and their needs.

When it is necessary to draft a contract it is important to be well prepared and well advised. Even if the Civil Code of Quebec provides articles and an entire section on contracts, they are not so clear to understand. Proper drafting of clauses is essential to avoid future disputes between parties. Lack of clarity and foresight of future events in a contract is the main source of litigation in front of a judge. Thankfully, with the help and counsel of our experienced lawyers you can avoid most of these issues with a well drafted transparent contract, with well-detailed clauses. Also, if you concluded a contract without the assistance of our firm and you are now facing litigation in front of the court, the services and counsel of our lawyers could be invaluable.


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