A Divorce can often prove to be a difficult time to overcome. There are several options available when deciding to Divorce: joint request for divorce, divorce by agreement and divorce with all the consequences associated when it is decided by a judge. No option is inherently better than another. What is important is to choose the best solution for your situation.

If both spouses are able to reach an agreement on all the consequences of the rupture in the marriage, the joint request for divorce proves to be a rapid procedure and less costly. In such cases, both spouses may mandate a single lawyer to guide them through the legal process and inform them on the personal and financial consequences of their divorce. In addition, expert advice gives you the peace of mind that no stone is left

That being said, an amicable divorce does not necessarily require that both parties file a joint application for divorce. Indeed, it often happens that the two parties negotiate the consequences of the divorce once legal proceedings have already been engaged. In this situation the divorce by settlement agreement can be reached. It is also possible that both spouses agree on certain points, such as child custody, and child support, while leaving outstanding issues related to the partition of properties to be decided by a judge and his/her discretion.
It is also possible to submit all points of contention in a Divorce to a judge. In this case, the end result is some what difficult to predict. However, there are situations where this option is the only avenue.

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