Who in their life has never wished to take on a challenge and accomplish something they thought was unachievable. Studying abroad is a dream for many people in search of change, which, too often, never comes true. Coming to Canada to study is within the reach of everyone who wishes for this. Canadian universities are particularly open to welcoming foreign students in many programs of study. There is no reason to be afraid of the unknown or to fear the process, because with the help of an experienced lawyer to answer your questions and advise you at every step of the process, the dream can become a reality.

The process

Obtaining a study permit can sometimes lead to some confusion since it involves interaction with many players. It implies communicating both with the institution where the student desires to study, with the Canadian government, and sometimes with the provincial government. All this requires a great deal of organization, not to mention a lot of bureaucracy involving all the documents to be provided and the forms to be completed. Most students applying for a study permit for Canada do so from abroad, which can make communication with Canadian authorities all the more difficult. The process leading to a study permit in Canada can be extremely stressful for students. Fortunately, you can count on the assistance and advice of the experienced lawyers of Schwalb Legal for the preparation of your application. A complete and detailed application is necessarily required in order to better your chances of obtaining a study permit.  


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