Are you experiencing problems with a particular tenant, or with your landlord? Quebec’s housing laws and regulations can offer you protection. They establish the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords in the context of a residential lease. For instance, tenants are obligated to pay rent in the amount stated in the least and on the first day of the month, unless otherwise specified in the lease. Tenants must avoid disturbing other tenants, are prohibited from changing the form or destination of the leased property during the term of the lease, and must return the unit in the same condition it was in as when they moved in. Landlords have the obligation to deliver to their tenant a rental unit that is clean and in liveable conditions. They are responsible for all major necessary repairs, and must provide the tenant with peaceful enjoyment of their dwelling.

Should a conflict arise in the context of your lease and fail to be resolved by negotiating with the other party, you can apply to have your case heard before the Régie du logement. This provincial body has exclusive jurisdiction over cases regarding residential leases in which the sum claimed is less than 85,000$. It can also hear cases regarding the renewal and modification of a lease, the leasing of a dwelling in low-rental housing, as well as several other lease-related issues – regardless of the amount of money involved. A lawyer can represent you in a case before the Régie du logement and help you prepare your case. In order to protect your rights, contact Schwalb Legal to speak to an attorney.